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SmartAVM reduces traditional valuation costs, accelerates application-to-offer speed, and transforms customer experience, by achieving up to 60% AVM usage for remortgages and other mortgage types.

SmartAVM works with any leading AVM provider - including Rightmove. To avoid any conflict of interest, SmartAVM works completely independently of the AVM data provided to it.

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Artificial Intelligence

SmartAVM provides a lending recommendation based on a multi-factor model to define the maximum acceptable property values / transaction prices and LTV on which to originate with an AVM.

Artificial intelligence can enable future calibration of lending criteria according to changes in Land Registry transaction data whilst real-time macroeconomic indicators help protect the book against market shocks.

All lending recommendations come with supporting explanations to enable operational teams to work within your risk appetite.

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Flexible Integration

SmartAVM can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to support STP and / or be accessed via the online portal.

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SmartAVM advanced technology